My Take-Aways: The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

This classic by Lencioni is about a practical approach to improving organizations. The qualitative field research is just as reliable as the quantitative as long as clients attest to the validity.

Top Take-Aways:

1) Most well-intentioned leaders even after being introduced to organizational health (qualitative) gravitate back towards the smart (quantitative) side of the equation because it is where they are the most comfortable (strategy, finance, marketing, technology). We need to focus more on the organizational health side by looking for signs of minimal politics, confusion and turnover as well as high degrees of morale and productivity.

2) The Four Disciplines Model

#1: Build a cohesive leadership team

1. Build trust

2. Master conflict

3. Achieve commitment

4. Embrace accountability

5. Focus on results

#2: Create clarity– aligned & committed to 6 simple questions

1. Why do we exist?

2. How do we behave?

3. What do we do?

4. How will we succeed?

5. What is most important, right now?

6. Who must do what?

#3: Over-communicate Clarity – no such thing as too much

#4: Reinforce Clarity – establish critical systems to reinforce

3) Cohesive leadership teams prevent groupthink, learn from mistakes and call each other on potential problems before they get out of hand.

I highly recommend this book as well as all of Lencioni’s fables. You can get your copy here:

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